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Headquartered at Edmonton, Alberta, Charge-On International, from the commencement of the business, has upheld the values of hard work and honesty. Our professional dryer vent cleaning service is dedicated for repair, installation, and rerouting of dryer vents for residential and commercial locations.

We as the best commercial hood and vent cleaning in Alberta, perform a complete inspection of your dryer vent system to recognize any problems that may subsist, and complete the work at the same juncture.

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Vent Cleaning : Wide range of expertise and trained professionals we are always there to endow you with the best vent cleaning service. Unparallel duct cleaning solutions is now available with us at a reasonable range.

Latest technology and advanced tools and equipments are all present with us for the absolute cleaning of your premise. Our diligence can be rest assured for providing perfect service in the genre of dryer vent cleaning in Edmonton.

Hood Cleaning : At Charge-on International, we will help you have a good and effective mode of cleaning in hoods.

As a restaurant owner or even at your residence, you no longer have to worry about your hood system; we are there to keep it clean and tidy. Incurring a minimum amount of cost we are there to provide you with the best cleaning services, in the genre of hood cleaning services in Edmonton.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning : We will provide you with a nice and clean kitchen exhaust system that will keep your premise healthy. Our professional work involves cleaning all components and even the ductwork in the kitchen exhaust system for appropriate maintenance.

Furthermore, by cleaning the entire system, we are able to check for possible system blockage. We have years of experience in kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Edmonton.

Grease Remover : Our cleaning methods are designed to remove the grease from the interior surfaces of the hood and exhaust fans. Even the most obstinate grease is removed by us.

The state of the art equipments, and advanced technology help us to maintain your house in a proper condition. We are the perfect company who will offer you with the best deals in the genre of grease cleaning.

Ganitorial Services : Count on Charge-on International Inc to enhance your image and provide a clean, healthy and well-kept workplace environment. Our highly trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations.

Through communication and teamwork, we clean your office exactly the way you like, day in and day out. We use the latest methods, equipment and technology to do the job right the first time. After all, your office doesn’t just make a statement to your staff. It makes a statement to your customers and guests.

Driveways and Sidewalks are easy cleaning for well equipped Pressure Washing Companies.

Concrete driveways and sidewalks are not immune to the mold and mildew process either. Over time they lose their white appearance and begin to get black or even green with mold and mildew. Concrete is very easy to clean and is a very easy way to give a home curb appeal.

Be sure to only let Contractors with the proper cleaning tools near your property. At the minimum, the results will be mediocre and at worst, damage could occur.

These pictures are examples of concrete improperly cleaned by an ill equipped company or lacking experience with a Pressure Washer.

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